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New Google Map of Honeybee World Origins!

I made a map via Google Maps and plotted out points of origin for the top five honeybee races that I feel a beekeeper not only needs to know about but the ones a beekeeper will most likely run into while on his beekeeping journey.

I will post the map here and on the new page “Major types of honeybees”

I hope you enjoy!
View Locations of the Five Major Honeybee Races in a larger map

3 Responses

  1. John this was such a nifty map! Very insightful. I like the russian honeybees – mostly because they’re like my people – only bees. Ya know!

    • Thanks, the Russians are in such an extreme place on earth. It’s crazy to think that the USDA went all the way over there and imported them here.

  2. Awesome info…I love maps! On a side note….
    Phil Chandler, author of the book The Barefoot Beekeeper has recently published a short pamphlet called, Beekeeping, Pure and Simple where his holistic approach is laid out in a very accessible manner. I recommend you all download yourselves a copy.

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