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New Jersey Beekeeping Law – What You Need To Know

I understand that it has been quite some time since my last lengthy post.

But, fear not! I am back and as you can tell from the title this post is about beekeeping law in New Jersey. I have been wanting to write about this for a while now because amongst all the questions I get when I first tell people that I’m a beekeeper, one of them is surely about where beekeepers stand legally, and actually it was one of my dads first questions when I set up the hive.

So to find out the answers I looked for the most reliable sources I knew, someone who has a lot of experience with these kind of things.

Tim Schuler!

Tim Schuler teaching a beekeeping course

I once again drove out to his house and sat down with him, by a very warm pot-bellied stove not to mention, to learn even more about beekeeping. As always it was a great time, and Tim was very helpful and receptive during the interview. This time however, I was lucky enough to do an audio interview and recorded him as he explained what the State of New Jersey expects in responsible backyard beekeeping and what he personally looks for in the backyard apiaries of New Jersey.

The first question I asked Tim was if there were any general laws in New Jersey that are in regards to beekeeping and where they can be kept, what a beekeeper needs to do for them, and hive maintenance. Here is what he had to say:

I also did a little researching and found some general guidelines laid out by the State of New Jersey (in PDF form)

I asked Tim if there were any pointers or things people in urban areas can do in order to keep a healthy hive, he told me this

The next question I asked Tim was how would the beekeeper be responsible if their neighbor got stung by any of their honeybees, he replied:

Finally Tim gave some good tips on how to be a better neighbor when keeping bees and how to dissolve the fears of non-beekeepers:


Fare Well Post

This post is to say that I am going to be officially out of Online Journalism 1 within the next 2 weeks.

Sad. I know!

But that doesn’t mean the end of Backyard Buzz. I know post updates have been few and far between these days. It’s because it has been really busy around here and at home.

But fear not, I will have more up soon!

New Google Map of Honeybee World Origins!

I made a map via Google Maps and plotted out points of origin for the top five honeybee races that I feel a beekeeper not only needs to know about but the ones a beekeeper will most likely run into while on his beekeeping journey.

I will post the map here and on the new page “Major types of honeybees”

I hope you enjoy!
View Locations of the Five Major Honeybee Races in a larger map

Moving the Hive: Picture Silde show on its way

Quick post before next class, this weekend, most likely tomorrow, I’ll be moving my hive which is in-sync with the whole theme of wintering ones hive. So stay tuned bee lovers!

Bottling Process: TBA

I’m a little busy right now but I’ll have pictures and another post soon. I just bottled the honey. Stay tuned!