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Bottles up, Sugar Syrup Down!

Sorry about taking so long to make an official post again, I have been doing both chores and errands all around town before going back to school for a new week. And man, I have been as busy as my bees.

I did two things before I left for school, however. I bottled the honey and I cooked up a 2:1 sugar syrup mix for winter/fall feeding. Since extracting my precious honey, I let it sit for 48 hours in the bottom of my bottling tank, then it was time to have at it and bottle it up. The whole process took about 2 1/2 hours. In all I ended up extracting 15 and 3/4 pounds of hone. Oh boy!

It was pretty straight forward process, I had boiling water on the stove and a some tongs on hand for the process of sterilization of the Mason jars I ended up using. I pulled up the honey gate on the bottling tank and began the process:

The second thing I did was mix up a 2:1 sugar syrup mix for fall feeding. The girls will only accept this thick of a mix in this part of the season. And since I just took their super full of honey off, it’s only fair that I give something back to them. So in mixing up this concoction all one needs to do is mix 2 parts sugar for ever one part of water. So I did it just like Linda Bee explains. And it worked! I put it in my hive top feeder and let the bees find it for themselves:

This coming weekend I’ll giving the girls their fall meds and I’ll be attempting to melt and render the wax supply I have now.

Until next time folks.



Bottling Process: TBA

I’m a little busy right now but I’ll have pictures and another post soon. I just bottled the honey. Stay tuned!