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My Personal Corrections Policy- If I were in charge of a media organization.

In today’s 24/7 news cycle it is easy to get caught up in letting mistakes by your publication slip by. However there is even less of an excuse to do so. There are a few simple and easy ways I see to report errors and make those corrections swiftly. Here are some of what I would do to better my publication if I happened to be in charge of a media organization:

* Append a note to any article that’s been corrected, explaining the change;

* Keep a list of these changes, linking to the corrected articles, at a fixed location on the site;

* Post a brief corrections policy, with information about how readers can report errors they find;

* Make sure that your corrections listing page and your corrections policy (whether they’re on the same or different pages) are part of your site navigation — they should be accessible by one click from any page on your site.

* Make it easy for readers to report mistakes to you

* Make fixing mistakes a priority

Happy editing!

Oh yeah, and my honeybees are doing great!